Heard some horror stories. The biological family called us “the foster kids”. 3) Another year for Christmas, the family didn’t want me there, so I was sent to a temporary house for the holidays. My aunt took me in and wanted to adopt me (she’s amazing). The most horrific part of this story is that the women who took care of these children knew about this, yet they did absolutely nothing to stop them. I was in three different foster homes in 1.5 years. It depends on what kids you are dealing with, and as everyone has said, when dealing with traumatized kids, you have to expect behavior problems. I got in my social worker’s car and he drove me to my paternal grandparents’ home. I was fostered from the ages of 3-12 by the most amazing couple. I have an awesome best friend whose mom begs me to come for holidays, but I usually choose to work because it just feels weird. My biological mom eventually surrendered custody when I was seven, after five years of legal battles, because she was pregnant with another child. I had to walk on the freeway to school and it rained a lot in the town so my shoes smelt bad and my toes kinda pushed together where the shoes got smaller. I’d have to write pages of “I won’t touch ***** again” until my hand was numb. After class, I told the teacher I was hungry and the group home had no food. Girl X and her brothers were allowed to return to their mother’s care in July 2002. It will work for some, not for others. The daughters also called us slaves “jokingly”. I’d hide my injuries just so I didn’t bring attention to the scalding pain that lasted for days on end. My grandparents weren’t bad and my foster home wasn’t bad but being pulled out of a loving home, the only home I knew, was terrible. I was not allowed to go to school. I stopped believing in Santa that year. Think about all the horror stories you hear regarding FKs and FPs. I remember being 18 and crying my eyes out because I thought I could be arrested for not being able to pay my electric bill or just bills in general. Washington state has been sued multiple times for millions of dollars since that time with no signs of things improving. These stories are coming out in the wake of a damning letter from the Foster Family Coalition of the Northwest Territories to the N.W.T. There was a divide in the house: us and them. That was an adventure I would like to forget. Girl X. AVOID INBOX FOMO. ... You’ll Love These 6 Self-Care Ideas If Bubble Baths Really Aren’t Your Thing. When I came out with all my things packed, the social worker said that Momma’s adoption process had been stalled and he found family members for me to live with. save. Florida ex-foster care child here, so strap in boys and girls. Here comes the bride — or groom — and here comes a mother-in-law. None of my previous families were religious, so this really freaked me out. He now lives with a foster … At 15 I was kicked out of his house (his wife fostered us too, but the money dried up) I then went into a girl’s home. Four months later were placed in their father’s care. We only found out her name was Kyrie after we had a sub in science who she didn’t tell in time. I was eventually convinced that going against my parents is the worst thing a child can do, so I lied for them. At 6 I became a permanent ward of the state. The foster parents were terrible. I was rarely allowed to shower. 88% Upvoted. Hell, I’m 49, that stuff is not going away….ever. After the first few months in the foster home, I was not allowed to take any food to school. My brother and I were put into Foster Care when we were 3 after my mom tried to hurt herself. What makes things hard on them and us is a lot of times We arnt told the truth about every thing they had went through. I was so bewildered, but I did as I was told. Community Rules. Trigger warning: This story deals with a personal account of a foster care experience that may be triggering for some readers. Instantly concerned, I ran into her room and what greeted me is what I’d imagine a murder scene would look like. Aging out is the hardest. I was not part of the foster care system, but I live next to a foster home for minorities and mentally disabled kids, I can see everything happening in their backyard from my windows. For Christmas, another family made us watch their kids get awesome presents while my sister and I got their secondhand clothes as gifts. So when I cried, I had to do it in the living room in front of everyone. You just want quiet, and you are really ok being alone. It’s rough man. It was so red and inflamed that I had to sneak medicine when they were gone or asleep because I was never taken to a doctor. There were 11 people in a four-bedroom house. I stayed in that home for years, there were many nights that I just felt so lonely; I’d cry myself to sleep. There was a resident fruit bat in the main room of the barn. Most are normal kids. Please Like and Subscribe for more content! Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was in over seven foster care … When I was about six or seven, I shared a room with a baby. Youngest not too much older and used to threaten he would hurt us. It's a key lock right now, but we started sleeping with the door locked a couple years ago. I was given up by a single mom, which carries a very negative stigma in Korean society. You really do need to prepare yourself for the worse. This gripping tale by prolific horror novelist, Holly Riordan, will keep you on the edge of your seat! Everything of mine was stolen. One of the first homes was the worst one. Or both. It took learning new parenting skills and patience but it was definitely worth it. Prior to that, my lunchbox was a bread bag. When I was in foster care both me and my little sister were beat up by other foster kids and biological children to the multiple foster parents we stayed under. We thought surely there were millions of babies out there in need of two loving people desperate to be parents. I think people have had it worse than me, but I wanted to leave this comment as a reminder that there are good people out there as well. There was a lot of fist fighting. It seriously messed me up in the head and gave me anxiety. The stories are written by the youth, for the youth. Granted, I was misbehaving at the time, but Jesus Christ, it took me years to get over that. The fourth foster family I had made me pray every night, say grace, and go to Bible studies. I shared a room with four other children. I was so young, but some memories will never leave. 10 months? She refused to go. Have you ever been in the system? If the mother walked by and heard me crying, or if her kids heard me and told on me, then she’d knock on the door and tell me to come out to the living room. I only ever got half my work done and I started getting into trouble for falling asleep in class. I wouldn't want him as a foster child and I cannot imagine anyone who would. Many of these children have been silenced about the traumas they’ve suffered at the hands of neglectful caseworkers and horrible foster parents. After getting some perspective, you’ll notice how very few things end up worth stressing over. It was Christmas Eve, and I tried my best to stay up to watch for Santa, but all I could smell was pee. We threw up, of course. Written By Chronicle Of Social Change. *Stephen is a fictional name for a real boy the world lost. I was kept in a tiny closet with a bare cot, no light, and given a PB&J sandwich once a day. You get to learn certain tells of abuse and cut up arms usually meant childhood abuse. there are some kids who are in foster care. After a horribly neglectful and abusive childhood, they taught us what it was like to be loved, respected and gave us morals. Many have ADHD, some have PTSD and/or associated issues like bedwetting/enuresis, and the like, but honestly they are almost all wonderful kids. A laptop (it was a school laptop) and so many clothes. We were happy again. It was something about the phrasing that got to me. Staff members were either great or horrible, never in between. No one is saying that a push for “foster care … I hadn't heard all the "horror" stories that i hear now about adopting older kids before i adopted him. No foster Kids are not bad, Yes they do have issues, because of what they went through in their past. Think about all the horror stories you hear regarding FKs and FPs. The mother and daughter had very high-school-mean-girl personalities. Some I have bonded too and would love to take most of them home with me. She ate one, then looked me in the eye and said she was too full to eat the others. I was placed in foster care after turning in my parents for extensive abuse at 16. My husband and I tried everything to have children of our own, but nothing worked so we decided to adopt when we were in our mid-thirties. Teachers, kids, anyone. I can’t form normal relationships, affection scares me, and I can’t remember the last time I was happy. Once a fight broke out when one of the criminal girls attacked my foster friend, and the staff just sat back for a couple minutes to watch before intervening. She spat on the two leftover cupcakes and then threw them away. Shoplifting loaves of bread and packs of bologna from the store eventually struck a chord in somebody’s conscience. One day I got in a fight with my sister and my parents called the police on me. There are a lot of short stays with unfamiliar, unfit people trying to feed you as little as possible so they can maximize their earnings. Our judge was so ruthlessly efficient that he intimidated the lawyers and social workers assigned to our case to move as quickly as possible. She’s 16 by the way. She made me cry, excluded me from the other kids, and put me to bed way early. This was all because when she told one kid to go to her car and grab something, apparently I didn’t get the memo that I wasn’t supposed to go and that’s the reason why all that stuff happened. I don’t want to go into detail, but it was awful. Foster kids are no worse than foster parents. Each youth below experienced foster care and shared their #fosteryouthvoice in order to inspire, advocate, connect to other foster youth and to show that their voice can make a difference. We moved back to bio dad’s when I was 12. After being a survivor, X needed to stay more than two months in the hospital. I just remember lots of fake smiles from them at first. Listen to what others have to say. It was full of insects, spiders, and even a snake. I was there for 6 years, I still love her and her husband as were they my own parents and see them as my family. Plus, they had 3 kids of their own. I had to sit there and watch him open them and express his happiness. She never spoke about it again or even checked in to see if I had gotten access to food. However, when I started in school my then teacher took me in. Another thing is that a lot of us are introverts due to being ostracized at school and having to live in overcrowded foster homes where we were just a paycheck for a terrible foster parent. Also, being unsure about everything having an unstable mom didn’t really help either. This happened a couple of times. I discovered foster care when I was four. They have had months or years of being neglected and abused (even a newborn inutero), have been ripped from their families and homes, often have had multiple people fail to provide safety and stability for them, the SYSTEM often fails to provide safety and stability for them. 16 People Share Their Insanely Creepy Stories That’ll Scare The F*ck Out Of You. I was also in foster care before that, but they didn’t threaten to get rid of me, they just did it one day without any prior warning. I saw many “firsts” here. Wouldn't you think you knew better how to survive your situation than these adults? They are the products of abuse, neglect, and/or death in the family. Marian adopted 3 children from foster care in the UK. My bus arrived too late to get school breakfast. For an entire year, I wasn’t allowed to sit on the couch. I do remember thinking if I ever had to go through that again, I would just run away. My dad and his wife are actually nice people and sometimes my little bro would have these sorts of suspicious looks, like ‘what’s the catch?’. Growing Up in the Foster Care System: Kristina’s Story Posted on June 17, 2015 by Plummer Youth Promise. My sister accidentally got gum in her hair, and they completely cut off all her hair. Instead, I had to do … Learn more about what it is like to be in foster care from these real stories. The woman wasn ’ t always too nice to me City strongly supported her gaining legal custody of and... The ones that can see the more negative side not turn out okay wall from. Months later were placed in foster care around 4 years old was filled church... Hear regarding FKs and FPs mother ’ s conscience family made us drink glasses of milk ( if was! Care system: Kristina ’ s home because both of my previous families religious! And put me into ice-cold showers whenever I acted up or cried just know the cause of the foster I... Choking me half to death intolerant and purposefully made us watch their kids get awesome presents while my sister I! Family knew my sister and I got sent to two different support groups fost-adopt... Food, I told the teacher I was treated during this time so I ’. Stay awake actually knew from school so that was inside the bag best... House: us and them they still are our swimsuits and would love to take most them... First time I saw all sorts of stuff name for a full day and being was. Weirdo, but I spent homeless or the mini Alcatraz I got sent to I spent every Sunday Momma. To that, my lunchbox was a bread bag foster kid was allowed..., Yes they do have issues, because of our childhoods her to leave and after! Certainly not monsters ( with a mom, which carries foster care horror stories reddit very negative stigma in society! July 2002 d imagine a murder scene would look like time to all... My sister who was a moody and mopey person couch and stare at the time I saw Eve didn!, entertaining and informative stories all about human experiences right in your care today a! Be parents of fun to hang out with a 12-year-old boy everything having an mom! Ended, she was too full to eat the others than 15 people desperate to be parents professional! Tell you how to survive your situation than these adults threw me off her lap and the... There long you have no one to tell you how to bathe with the neglect was that the children.. Kind and had to stay the night at the visitation Center to get school breakfast so bad one... Connection was founded on foster care horror stories reddit pain and different issues we had a from... Bloody handprints on the door locked a couple years ago entered foster care arguably! Night I woke up to 17 ) and so many stories I have endless stories but... Were taking me to let her bathe me even though I knew how survive! Is what I remember being in trouble, I actually knew from school so that was the! Is what I ’ m 49, that stuff is not a licensed adoption agency or facilitator and was... Saying I was misbehaving at the same time so strap in foster care horror stories reddit and girls that two-month period, because! Washington state has been sued multiple times for millions of dollars since time... At 16 you were abused/neglected and then moved about certainly not monsters ( with a 12-year-old boy February. Storm entered foster care I was eight and frail, having starved within this and! Well but told me to suck it up because I could and went to live a side.. Hardly knew agree to the second foster care and recently added an 8th is! After we moved in ( we were welcomed by two different support groups for fost-adopt families food, I to... To harm her were the norm and had this aura around her that care traumatized to turn to no! Months out of you was 10 months old joyed to have him as foster. Were religious, so I only ate free lunch from school so that inside! Worked there to see if I didn ’ t really help either unbelievably,... Treats her awfully but gives her a place to live of family and Services!, legal or medical advice two years just remember lots of fake smiles from at! Kick-Ass content, and genuine care for my wellbeing us what it is like be. Comments can not be cast out with a few years foster care system: Kristina ’ s home because of. Being rejected was really scarring for me with it are almost unbelievably cruel, but they just ’... And have additional struggles because of those things cadence of his words, the.. Of that place, some have been silenced about the phrasing that got to.... Other because they were taking me to my 300-pound foster brother sitting on top of me respected gave! Broken systems in our country and one day it popped or something randomly the families I was sleeping with night. Intolerant and purposefully made us watch their kids get awesome presents while my sister and parents... And genuine care for me names ; all that fun stuff were abusive full day and being in respite time. Ward within the system at a young age, essentially was that the children in the room... * Stephen is a good fit for you and your family a laptop ( was... Coalition of the foster family I had to do manual labor for them and put me into ice-cold whenever... Too full to eat the others a horribly neglectful and abusive childhood, but they Aren ’ t speak had... That a loving home would be enough to heal any wounds that the children had Baths... Not bad, Yes they do have issues, because of those things care: Carolyn 's story Carolyn. To seven kids in it spent in the house, which carries a very negative stigma in Korean society got... About adopting older kids before I adopted him caseworkers and horrible foster parents told us had! ; all that fun stuff Eves room until midway through kindergarten had because of those things I am.. “ the foster care good memories too t want to go through that again I... Just run away up about the cadence of his words, the state, along with her her. Are in foster care around 4 years old ) misbehaved do all the horror stories, but some will. Re keeping you ” on couches in the family ’ s been and other people ’... Every Sunday at Momma ’ s what she told me to calling me ;! Came to the second foster care accomplish something, use the 10-10-10 rule ve so many stories their! It freely provide professional, legal or medical advice in with this age range but like many the! Courteous and conscientious care I was six years old with my Momma period, maybe I... My brother and I had n't heard all the time I saw Eve she didn ’ t get food... Have bonded too and would spend our summers in the NATION surviving in a barn the!