(The current Munsell designation does not match the 1929 system). I could go on, but I’ll just post a link so you can read it yourself. 0000022911 00000 n var month = datenow.getMonth() + 1; 0000004936 00000 n 0000002233 00000 n Has been last updated: document.write( hour ); 0000023717 00000 n document.write( ":" ); 0000085886 00000 n else 4*Hu:77 + 3*Hu:70 + 2*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:25 (Hu:125), Top wing surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942, 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:134), Top fuselage surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942, 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:181, 1*Hu:189 + 1*Hu:182), Fuselage sides of USN aircraft after 1942, Lower surfaces of aicraft from African campaign, 39*Hu:34 + 12*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:60 (14*Hu:34 + 13*Hu:25 + 1*Hu:68 + 1*Hu:109), Upper surfaces of aicraft from African campaign, Topside of aircraft operating over the Atlantic, Overall colour of USN aircraft after 1943, 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:181), Used for blotches on Olive Drab background until  1942, 31*Hu:80 + 14*Hu:33 + 11*Hu:25 + 10*Hu:34 (Hu:149), (50*Hu:94 + 30*Hu:25 + 4*Hu:60 + 2*Hu:34) 5*Hu:34 + 4*Hu:27 + 1*Hu:106, Lower surfaces of USN aircraft until 1942, 26*Hu:99 + 21*Hu:101 + 15*Hu:34 + 15*Hu:73. 0000178382 00000 n For the description of the FS codes and matching paint numbers, Sea Blue was found to be too light, and it was ordered replaced by new color Navy Blue (5-N), [e] which used 50% more of the same tinting paste as Sea Blue and was correspondingly darker. Within the first six months of combat, the United States Navy modified Measures 11 and 12 to meet the needs of Pacific Ocean operations. document.write( daym ); FS595 - USAF/US Navy etc color chart Full Federal Standard/AMS595 color chart of the colors used predominately by the USAF/US Navy/US Marines etc All other horizontal and sloping surfaces paint BK Dull Black (C 02). US Navy & USMC aircraft colours around WW2 The following has been compiled from researches carried out and published by William Reece, Dana Bell, John Snyder et al. In the great world of modeling, much of the color mixes have been based on the Humbrol standard, which is in large measure thanks to their own published Humbrol Paint … As with all Tru-Color Paint products the entire military series is manufactured and stocked in Phoenix, AZ. document.write( minute ); The layout and graphics of this site, HTML and program code are 0000003104 00000 n document.write( The edges on curved surfaces between the … document.write( year ); 0000022467 00000 n Atlantic. GSI H302 #4 Brown. AK Real Colors is a state-of-the-art acrylic lacquer paint developed in our own laboratories. 0000079666 00000 n copyright, and may only be reproduced for personal use. if ( minute < 10 ) minute = "0" + minute; document.write( '(namnlös)' ); 0000103749 00000 n The USN paint chips published by Snyder & Short finally give us the equivalent of Federal Standard or RAL paint chips from which to work from. if (year < 1900) USN COLOR CHIP CARD U.S. Navy Set 1 Price: $18.00. 0000140641 00000 n 0000003834 00000 n Federal Standard system. These are Navy gray, forest green, and Navy blue. It is stated by all who carry out this research that nothing is certain and reference to photographs is always advised. All Rights Reserved. Us Navy Paint Colors. For jeeps, trucks, and other tactical vehicles the color was usually gray. This pack includes the four colors most widely use by USN from 80’s to present. 0000022738 00000 n var month = docdate.getMonth() + 1; USAAF & US Navy Pre-War to WWII ANA 501 Light Blue French Blue 71.088 + 70.510 ANA 502 Insignia Blue Signal Blue 71.091 + 70.510 ANA 503 Light Green Light Green Chromate 71.006 + 70.510 ANA 504 Olive Drab USAF Olive Drab 71.016 The two prewar grays were used by the U.S. Navy from the end of World War I until 1941. `z�O�۴���[��8�g?wޱM�$;�3_� 8v�k�&���"d�5A�*� O����4X��A/$��hrGU�L@v9X����Ϸy�Gq�6� ��hhG��w� �1��ȩ�U��`���\���&a L �d`a3$ہE��0�1�0N�0V2v0. document.write( daym ); Tamiya. 0000003540 00000 n Some used Measure 22. Measure 32/3SS-B: Paint the deck glossy black (use ACS 04), stopping two feet short of the edges. %PDF-1.5 %���� 0000023607 00000 n Camouflage schemes of the post-war era (Vietnam onwards) were as a rule built around year = year + 1900; 0000003575 00000 n FS 30145. Equivalents. var docdate = new Date( document.lastModified ); // document.write( "Denna sida uppdaterad:
" ); 0000023534 00000 n must  contact the Author(s) and/or 0000022352 00000 n Standard lower colour of USN aircraft, and aircraft operating over the Atlantic. var year = datenow.getYear(); >> // --> USN Camouflage Measures This section contains a description and example of camouflage patterns described in SHIPS-2. All material within this site is protected under Only aircraft of NAS Anacostia showed polished metal. TCP-1000 Norfolk 65-A, Antifouling Red TCP-1001 Dull Black, #82 TCP-1002 Navy Gray, #5- 1939 TCP-1003 5-H Haze Gray TCP-1004 White 5-U Standard lower colour of USN aircraft, and aircraft operating over the 0000023058 00000 n All of these colors were mixed from base colors of white and black to generate greys of varying hues. The main chart covers aircraft colours of the pre-World War II and War period. if ( month < 10 ) month = "0" + month; if (year < 1900) Hi, A friend of mine is working on a ship project, and asked my help about the colors, grays and the bottom red. The US Navy's WWII color standard is based on the 1929 Munsell Color System. var datenow = new Date( ); if ( daym < 10 ) daym = "0" + daym; This list is by no means complete. Stockholm and the Community Members. navy colors Early war light gray 990 + 919** Light Grey + Foundation White Mix 1:2 Free-French Navy Many used USN colors 5-H Haze Gray and Deck Blue 20B after refit in the US. I think he is building from the Perry Class. 0000011950 00000 n 0000022665 00000 n 0000024367 00000 n FS:37880: 6*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:41 : ANA 603 Sea Grey (neutral) FS:36118 : 4*Hu:77 + 3*Hu:70 + 2*Hu:34 + 2*Hu:25 (Hu:125) T:XF-24 : P:PCA809 : GS:H305 : MM:1723: ANA 606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue: Top wing surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942: FS:25042: 12*Hu:21 + 10*Hu:15 + 4*Hu:68 + 3*Hu:22 (Hu:134) Testor 2122 #3 Green . Color-Match #1 Green. // --> This is a database of camouflage paint schemes applied to USN ships during the years 1941 to 1945. 0000004673 00000 n Used by permission. document.write( " " ); 0000004246 00000 n Editor for permission to use any material on this site This set of six acrylic paints is essential for painting the authentic colors of the US Navy and Marine Corps from late 1940 until the mid-1950s. 0000001116 00000 n … Terms of use: // -->. Others used Royal Navy colors if refit in the UK. 0000138064 00000 n document.write( '"' + document.title + '"' ) The new Real Colors paint range is a very, very special step forward for AK. FS 34258 #2 Green . 0000023367 00000 n document.URL + Camouflage colors based on official documentation Oficial Name Model Air Name Ref. Our Graphic Tees are crafted with the following details: 100% combed ringspun cotton Ultra-comfortable and soft for all-day wear Tagless, itch-free design A ribbed collar that won't lose its shape Machine wash cold Tumble dry … The color of USN BB turret tops at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack is about as controversial a subject as you can find when it comes to ship camo schemes. Downloaded at: